Welcome to A Better Tomorrow, Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

A Better Tomorrow drug rehab program is rated in the top 5% of all drug rehab programs in the field of addiction recovery. Drug Rehab Insurance Companies

  • Our treatment program accepts multiple health insurance providers nationwide and is able to provide long-term sobriety and extended-stay to recovery patients.
  • Success rates of our long-term drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs have surpassed industry standards in the field of drug rehab and alcohol rehab and treatment.
  • With A Better Tomorrow’s intensive outpatient treatment program, in conjunction with our sober living facilities, our patients are able to achieve long-term recovery and sustain sobriety for the rest of their lives.
  • Our caring support and stable environment is the perfect cure for anyone in need of psychological and physiological rejuvenation.
  • We have the utmost respect for your privacy.  Call today at (888) 583-2316 to get a free, confidential assessment of which alcohol rehabilitation center is right for you.

Our Philosophy

One does not become addicted in a day, and recovery does not happen overnight. With our help, patients are able to dig deep and face issues buried under the surface. Oftentimes, this brings to light anger, depression, anxiety and/or other related psychological issues previously left untreated.

Our Goal

The main goal of A Better Tomorrow is to help patients reach their goal of long-term addiction recovery from alcohol and drugs. We are fully committed to the healthcare and improvement of the patients’ lives. Let us help you or a loved one get started on the road to recovery. Now is the time to make the best decision of your life.  Start at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center today. A Better Tomorrow is accredited by CARF:

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