12 Signs of Anger in Drug Rehabilitation

Many addicts enter drug rehabilitation so medicated that they actually feel like they are high or in a good mood. However after a few days of treatment they can start to feel very angry. It can soon become apparent that the addict may have been drinking or doing drugs to ignore their anger in the first place.

The very act of denying themselves the drugs they crave can also cause recovering addicts to act out while in drug rehabilitation. If the drug addict can identify the signs of anger before they become overwhelming he or she also has a better chance of socialization.

The 12 Signs of Anger are:
1. Speaking in a sarcastic way
2. Isolating or brooding
3. Extreme head or stomach pain
4. Rapid speech
5. Being argumentative
6. Becoming silent or withholding
7. Avoiding others so that you do not flip out at them
8. Yelling and screaming
9. Rationalizing or denying your are angry
10. Indulging in revenge fantasies either to yourself or out-loud
11. Compulsive masturbation
12. Shopping and spending money you do not have
13. Compulsive cleaning
Once the signs of anger are identified the addict should stop, take a deep breath and try to identify the situation, who is involved and what is triggering these feelings. The person in drug rehabilitation can then decide to react by:

• Halting any inner angry chatter
• Reason with your angry self.
• Changing the thoughts causing the anger
• Engage in physically demanding work such as cleaning or chopping wood
• Walk, jog, swim or dance to work off excess angry adrenalin

Above all you should avoid any type of situation that you think will provoke you or make the anger worse. Getting control of this anger is crucial if the person is every going to get around to leaving drug rehabilitation so they can be absorbed back into society without experiencing rejection and other hurtful issues.