3 Big Myths About Attending Drug Rehab Centers

There has been a lot of hype in the tabloids and on television about what it is like to attend a drug rehab center. Here are some of the common myths –

Myth 1 – It takes 28 days at an alcohol or drug rehab to get free of the addiction. This big myth probably comes from a movie called “28 Days” starring Sandra Bullock. In it she plays an addict that is cured in 28 days. The truth is that some people are cured in a few days and for others it takes months and months for them to completely get sober or free of drugs. There is no magic number of days that can lead to a definite cure for a drug addict.

Myth 2 – It takes 3 days to detoxify the body from drug or alcohol abuse. This is simply a random figure. If you go for a rapid detox procedure that is done through drugs administered under a general anesthesia then it can take as little as six to eight hours to be free of the drugs in your body completely. For moderate to severe addicts it can take anywhere from one day to two weeks depending on how bad your problem is.

Myth 3 – At a drug rehab you are given more drugs to deal with the pain of withdrawal. This is true if you are a severe addict but sometimes if you are a severe addict the last thing that you will be given is more drugs as they could actually complicate your situation. Medication might be given to deal with of the withdrawal effects such as tremors, nausea and sometimes hallucinations. For some with opiate addictions, medications such as Methadone (for heroin addiction), levo-alphaacetylmethadol (LAAM) or Naltrexone (which may also be inserted under the skin for release over time) may be used in detox and in ongoing treatment.

The bottom line is that every drug addict’s case is individual and when you attend a drug rehab center you should not believe that anything that you have heard about treatment will be a certainty.