3 Famous Celebrity Alcoholic Rehab Centers

When most of us thing about alcoholic rehab centers we start thinking about all of the rich and famous celebrities that can afford them. Our awareness of celebrities attending alcoholic rehab centers has really been enhanced by shows such as “Celebrity Rehab” and also of the coverage of antics by young female addicts such as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen in the tabloids.

Celebrities are not like the average alcoholic. They can afford to got private alcoholic rehab centers that offer the best of the best in many ways.

The Meadows Treatment Center

The Meadows Treatment Center is located in Wickenberg, Arizona and offers help for alcohol abuse as well as other addictions such as drugs, sex and gambling. This is a highly rated facility that is known for a holistic approach that deals with the real causes of alcoholism including post-traumatic stress disorders.  The Meadows Treatment Center is one of the straightest and most expensive of the celebrity alcoholic rehab centers but the treatments are very intensive and focus on a lifelong recovery.  The facility is also very private as it is located in the middle of a desert… One of its most famous patients is Tiger Woods.

The Betty Ford Center

The Betty Ford Center is named after presidential spouse Betty Ford and it specializes in the treatment of both drug and alcohol addiction.  Betty Ford, wife of Gerald Ford, helped raise a lot of money for the facility. This center is located on twenty acres (known as the Rancho Mirage) in California and is set up to house famous alcoholics and their families. Famous residents who have escaped there to escape the every watchful eye of the media include Chevy Chase, Keith Urban and Ozzy Osborne.

Promises Treatment Center Malibu

This most luxurious of alcoholic rehab centers is located in the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu which is surrounded by beaches and lush wildlife.  This is a very high quality drug and alcohol rehab that is a favorite of high earners and celebrities that want total privacy.

This beautiful place is on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and offers medical treatment, therapies of all kinds as well as all kinds of supports and relaxation pursuits. Famous residents at this most posh of alcoholic rehab centers are Robert Downy Jr., Mel Gibson, Ben Affleck and Britney Spears.

Expect to pay a lot of money if you think you would like to be treated at any of these high end alcoholic rehab centers!