7 Reasons Leading to Drug Abuse Rehab

7 Reasons Leading to Drug Abuse Rehab

There are many reason’s leading to drug abuse rehab and virtually anyone can abuse or become addicted to drugs. Today, a rapid pace of change exerts a constant pressure to keep up a life that can be overwhelming. To handle this pressure and other life stresses, many people turn to using or abusing drugs. Some people do not act in accordance with what they know about the harmful effects of these drugs. Rather, they value what they feel good drugs to do for them. They begin slowly at first, increasing the amount taken until the situation becomes out of control.

Some drugs appear to be harmless and can be purchased by adults for their personal use. Over-the-counter (OPC) drugs, such as cough medicines, can have beneficial effects when used carefully. Because many people wrongly consider these drugs to be essentially harmless, abuse is common. Prescription drugs, such as tranquilizers, or more closely controlled, but these substances are also widely abused.

Individuals misuse or abuse drugs for a variety of reasons. Young people are especially likely to do so for the following reasons:

Curiosity — humans intrinsically desire to experience the unknown; this desire is especially pronounced during the ages of strong peer influence, when many of the young person’s friends are experiencing drugs.

Low self-esteem — many individuals have poor opinions of themselves. By using drugs these people attempt to avoid coming to grips with their feelings of inadequacy. Drugs serve as a coping mechanic for them.

Peer pressure — particularly during adolescence, individuals have a strong need to belong to “the group”. If peers are abusing drugs, there is strong pressure on the part of all members of the group to do likewise.

The adult modeling — young people want to feel grown-up and view drug taking as a form of adult behavior. Smoking tobacco or marijuana, drinking alcohol or taking pills may all result from adult modeling.

Mid-alteration — some people take drugs simply to change their psychological state. The mellow feeling or the excitement produced is the motivation for this behavior.

Boredom — many young people, especially during the teenage years, are unsure about their place in society. The activities of childhood no longer interest them, but they are not yet able to engage in adult activities. As a result, they feel bored with life.

Alien nation — some individuals feel that they have little or no power to control their own destiny. They may also feel unwanted and unloved. Often, such people have few friends and see themselves as social misfits. Drugs provide an outlet for the expression of the feelings of alienation.

Parents and teachers should try to do all they can to raise a young person’s self esteem.  Teenagers should be engage in activities that allow their talents to shine.  Keeping them busy with sports, band, community service projects takes their mind off of themselves and they will not have time to be bored and will not have to participate in drug abuse rehab