8 Ways to Rate A Rehab Center

Once you send someone into a rehab center you want to make sure that he or she gets the best treatment possible.
Here are eight ways to rate a rehab center so that your loved one gets the best treatment possible.

1. Find out what the rehab center’s success rate is? Get statistics and also make an effort to find out from others who have been there if it was successful tor them.
2. Do the methods used at the center address all aspects of your loved one’s addiction including what might have led them to use drugs in the first place.
3. What services (such as intervention, medical detox and legal issues) will the center help with
4. How qualified are the staff members at the rehab center and are they qualified medically to look after your loved one.
5. What type of follow up program does the addict after departure from the rehab center? This is important because sending a newly rehabilitated drug addict back out into society without any follow up can be disastrous.
6. Where is the residential drug rehab center located? Is it the kind of place you would want to stay a month or longer or necessary or is it like a prison from which anyone would want to escape.
7. What is the length of the residential drug rehab program at the rehab center and the ratio of the length of stay there to an addict’s successful recovery?
8. How much does the rehab center cost and then make sure that they are offering services that are worth the price. Decide if a higher priced facility is going to be more effective at actually giving your loved one a chance at a cure.

Keep in mind that this can be a difficult choice as dealing with the expense and also determining what is best for your loved one can be at odds. At the very least consider the above eight points to make the wisest and fairest decision regarding your loved one’s future recovery and ultimate health.