Addiction intervention

Addiction intervention covers any other type of addiction not listed with Drug Addiction or Alcohol Addiction.

Drug Abuse Intervention: What You Should Know

So many people in today’s world know someone who has some kind of addiction. Drug addiction takes a toll not only on the person addicted but also on those around them. Friends and family also go through difficult times when someone they love is addicted to drugs. Using a drug addiction intervention could be the last hope that so many addicts need.

What is a Drug Addiction Intervention?

A drug addiction intervention is when the people who care about the person addicted to drugs come together as a team to help this person. You may want to have the assistance of a drug treatment center to help you set up the intervention. You want to make sure that the intervention is completely a surprise in order to make sure the addicted person shows up.

What Happens at a Drug Addiction Intervention?

Many times the family and friends of the person addicted to drugs will write letters and read them aloud to the addict. They will express how they feel and how the addiction is not only affecting the addict but also the people around them. A drug addiction intervention is also a time for people to let the addict know that its time they did something about their addiction. Family and friends need to be strong enough to tell the addict if they do not get help now that they will not support them or be involved any longer in their addiction.

What Happens After a Drug Addiction Intervention?

Hopefully the addict will want treatment and will go immediately into the drug treatment program to get help. Drug addiction interventions are not always successful but they have been proven to work in a wide variety of cases.