Addressing Nutritional Needs During Alcohol Treatment

When looking for alcohol treatment try and find a center that has taking care of nutritional needs as part of its treatment program.  Proper nutrition during alcohol treatment can make all the difference when it comes to having a successful recovery. The right foods will encourage healing in the body and repair years, even decades of damage caused by alcohol addiction and the drug addiction and lifestyle lapses that often goes with it.

Studies have shown that alcoholics that are well nourished also tend to stay sober longer. Their brain chemicals tend to stay more in balance and there are less ups and downs emotionally that might trigger drinking.

During residential alcohol treatment it is important that there be some diagnostic testing to do with nutrition as these are the tests that will establish a baseline for the addict’s care. For instance many alcoholics are dangerously low in B vitamins and need supplementation or they will suffer very badly during alcohol detox. If you lack key amino acids, vitamins, minerals or antioxidants you may have a harder time in recovery as well.

The best alcohol treatment programs also have a dietitian on staff that can help assess your diet and work with you to create an eating plan that supports your recovery. These plans are modified over the course of your stay to address the nutritional needs of each stage of recovery and then also sent home with you.

Additionally dietitians should be able to provide natural supplements that can assist with detox such as key amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that can help you heal.

Look for an alcohol treatment program that has a good chef. If the alcoholic is eating balanced meals and organic foods they will heal faster both physically and emotionally, not to mention that good food can help keep spirits depressed from the trials of withdrawal feeling a bit more comforted and cheery!