Admission Procedures at Alcohol Treatment Centers

All alcohol treatment centers have their own criteria for what information you need to bring or reveal to them so that you can be admitted. Almost all alcohol treatment centers refer to this as the alcohol treatment intake process.

When looking at residential alcohol treatment centers ask them about their intake treatment process and what their protocol and goals are when it comes to treating the alcoholics with dignity and respect. This is especially important to the loved one who leaves an addicted person in one of these alcohol treatment centers only to find out later that the considerate and compassionate treatment of the alcoholic ended when he or she left and wasn’t watching anymore.

Usually the intake process at alcohol treatment centers begins with some completions of paperwork which entails filling out your medical history, contact numbers, current contact information and insurance information. A good counselor will usually be on hand to help you understand the enrollment process and the point of any paperwork you are filling out and signing.

During the interview process you might also be asked a number of personal questions about how often you use alcohol and how it has affected your life. You may be also quizzed about your psychological well-being, your personal life, emotions and past experiences with alcohol treatment centers, detox, AA and counseling.  The thing to remember is that these questions are not being used to judge you but rather, get a better picture of your overall physical and mental health.

At residential alcohol treatment centers you will be assigned to a care coordinator who can help manage your recovery process. Diagnostic blood testing as well as a medical check up may also be conducted to make sure that you are in good health.

After admission recommendations as to the particulars of your detox will be discussed and you will be ready to embark on your road to recovery.