Affordable Drug Rehab Center

It is possible to find an affordable drug rehab center for anyone that needs to locate treatment within their budget.  These centers are usually non-profit organizations.  They may be federal and state funded through social services, or by charitable organizations such as churches and the Salvation Army.

Private addiction centers are usually quite expensive because they are for profit and also have to maintain a large staff of professionals, plus the usual overhead expenses of room and board.  It is possible to find an affordable drug and alcohol rehab center with some types of insurances or with personal out of the pocket pay.

Treatment programs for drug abuse include inpatient and outpatient services provided by community mental health centers, some medical hospitals, and specialized chemical abuse rehabilitation centers. Additional programs include self-help groups, half- way houses, and therapeutic communities.

.Make an appointment with your local social services.  They are very good about explaining the positives and negatives of inpatient and outpatient for drug facilities.  Social services is a free service to everyone that qualifies. Also, try talking with someone at your local mental health services. They have a wealth of information regarding how to find affordable drug rehab center treatment for you.

1.     After talking with your caseworker, narrow your selection down to two or three drug rehab centers or programs. Begin by reading their brochures, read their Websites, and try calling the treatment center directly. Ask to speak to the person in charge of intake.  Have a list of questions ready to ask. As any questions that may concern you such as will you have a private room, how long will your stay be, and what will you be doing throughout the day. Ask what kind of follow-up program they have and also, what their success rate is.

2.     After you have decided on a particular program that is affordable for you, call your insurance company and make sure that you are properly covered.  Be aware that not all insurance companies cover drug abuse treatment. Rehab centers know this and usually do their best to make it affordable for anyone that needs treatment.

Do not allow the cost of drug rehab center deter you from finding treatment.  If you need treatment, there is a bed in a good, affordable drug rehab center waiting for you.