Alcohol Abuse Programs

12 Steps to a Healthier You

There are different strategies that can be employed in recovery from alcohol addiction, and most of them focus on the traditional AA 12-Step process.

Some individuals who may not have been struggling long with their addiction find a cold turkey approach combined with a little light one-on-one or group therapy best. This usually works best for individuals who were really dealing with a recent complicated life situation or a traumatic event by drinking to escape, rather than those battling a true addiction to alcohol.

Other individuals benefit most from the anonymous and supportive environment of traditional AA gatherings, where they can share without fear of consequence or recrimination. Individuals benefit the most when they work the program, compete the 12-Step process, and go to meetings often. Their recovery can be further supported by becoming a sponsor to someone just beginning the process.

For some individuals, especially those battling physical symptoms of alcoholism and withdrawal, rehab is a necessary step. Some people may even have to undergo detox at a medical facility before entering rehab.

Rehab centers offer a structured, stable, medically monitored environment where an alcoholic can be physically monitored, medicated to avoid the worst symptoms of withdrawal, if necessary, and taken out of the life which lead them to addiction in the first place. They are appointed an individual counselor, and attend groups that introduce them to the 12-Step process. Many rehabs also offer spiritually cleansing activities like yoga, acupuncture, meditation, hiking, and equine therapy. Clients also receive nourishing meals to help counteract the symptoms of malnutrition they may have been experiencing due to their heavy alcohol intake, and have the opportunity to build a support group of fellow addicts in recovery. They may even gain a sponsor on the outside before they leave rehab. Rehab centers are often structured on a 30-day model, but clients can stay for longer or shorter periods, depending on their needs.

Once they complete, clients are encouraged to enlist the help of a sponsor, attend 90 meetings in 90 days, and participate fully in the meetings, becoming part of the larger AA community.