Alcohol Rehab Clinics for Women

Alcohol rehab clinics that are best for women tend to be those that also have a detox program in place on the premises as well. This is much more comfortable for a woman than recovering in a public facility. Also recovering in private alcohol rehab clinics for women is recommended for those female drinkers who have issues with men due to problematic relationships with users. Many women who drink are encouraged to do so as part of their sexual relationships and to feel socially open around men. Without men around to distract them they can get through their program easier.

Alcohol Rehab Clinics and Detox for Women

Alcohol rehab with detox for women will be able to provide support and medical assistance to the woman suffering from tremors or insomnia while withdrawing from alcohol. Some women also suffer hallucinations and seizures depending on the severity of the addiction in the first place.  Most alcohol rehab facilities are aware that withdrawal can be very hard on a woman’s body, especially if she is hormonal in any way. There are measure in place in these alcoholism rehab clinics to also help the individual deal with any depression she may be experiencing.  Withdrawal technically takes place for five to seven days but symptoms like fatigue or “foggy brain” can last for months afterwards.

Medications in Alcohol Rehab Clinics for Women

Drugs administered in alcohol rehab clinics are generally in the benzodiazepine family. This is a type of tranquilizer that keeps the person calm and less obsessive about alcohol.  A mood stabilizer called carbamazepine is also often prescribed to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Long-Term Alcohol Rehab Care

Detoxing and 28 days in a clinic are not enough to keep a woman sober sometimes. After detox , professionals in alcohol rehab clinics will often recommend that the woman attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings to help her stay sober.  If the woman is not able to attend AA then she can join AA Serenity which helps women who are far from alcohol rehab clinics or group meetings outside the clinic to recover.