Alcohol Rehab Treatment Do’s and Don’ts

If you are admitted to alcohol rehab treatment there are some definite things you should do to assure your recovery and some things that you should not do if you do not want to sabotage your chance at ever getting sober.

If you are attending alcohol rehab treatment facility DO –

• Arrive with a friend who is trustworthy and can safely see you inside the door
• Bring your personal identification and passport
• Bring medications that you are prescribed along with letters of permission from the doctors who prescribed them
• Bring some cash and your check book
• Bring appropriate clothing including sleepwear, swim wear and clothes for working out

If you are attending an alcohol rehab facility DON’T –

• Show up with a drunk lover or friend or a drug dealer
• Show up with booze on your person or in your bags
• Show up with illegal drugs or known prescription drugs that get people high
• Bring mouthwash or other medications with alcohol in it (it is likely staff will confiscate this type of thing from you)
• Swear or be abusive to staff (no matter what you have seen on Reality Shows like Celebrity Rehabs it is not cool to be “a problem child” in real life rehab.)
• Show up with no or inappropriate clothing or grooming tools
• Bring candles or incense or anything that involves lighting fire even if your good intention is to meditate with them. Fire is not allowed in most facilities and there are separate smoking areas that are often monitored by security or security cameras.
• Bring cameras or start taking videos or pictures of the patients staying there
• Bring a cell phone, laptop, DVD player or iPad as this type of technology encourages too much contact with the outside world or encourages the playing of music or films that could be triggers for relapse.

Although it might seem odd, it is allowed to show up medicated or drunk to an alcoholic rehab treatment center. In fact it is even expected by the staff as it is a given that even after a detox treatment that many alcoholics are so addicted that they cannot help but get drunk one last time before they enter treatment.