Alcohol Treatment Centers That Offer Life Long Recovery

Do any alcoholic treatment centers actually offer lifelong recovery? The answer is yes, even though it is well known that the relapse rate for alcoholics is 97% after they leave rehab. No alcoholic is safe from relapse until they have been sober at least five years.

Many of the alcohol treatment centers that offer the promise of lifelong recovery have a few traits in common –

  • They boast relevant and lifelong cutting edge methods that are said to be the latest and greatest when it comes to curing alcohol addiction
  • Your case is not just worked on by one doctor; a team of professionals guide you to recovery.
  • The staff tends to be expert, with degrees and nobody is “just a counselor.”
  • The staff tends be more compassionate than usual and will offer a lot of hand-holding to make sure you do not suffer during your detox or PAWS phase of recovery
  • The center may offer an expensive and medically innovative rapid alcohol detox treatment that is done under general anesthesia to flush the body
  • The center offers less perks and trips out then you would see offered at a typical celebrity rehab that might be just as effective
  • The grounds are the ultimate in privacy and there is no hobnobbing with the media about who attends the facility
  • The ultimate in privacy is offered each patient so that you can function independently at your own rate.
  • The focus of treatment is on making lifestyle changes that lead to permanent alterations in dietary and other habits so you absolutely do not drink
  • The average recommended stay at these alcohol treatment centers is ninety days to assure the alcoholic will not relapse

Alcohol treatment centers that offer permanent cures also usually tend to be very expensive so get ready to fork out if you want to be assured a terminally and permanent sober future.