Alcohol Treatment Programs That Heal Through the Arts

If you are looking for alternative alcohol treatment programs then consider those that heal through the arts. There are several ways that arts and culture can play a part in helping the addict in alcohol treatment programs heal. However the two most common alcohol treatment programs in this vein are art therapy and music therapy.

Music therapy has been used in rehabs for quite some time. It can be described an accomplished intervention medium that is used to soothe the irritated alcoholic and give him or her something else to focus on besides alcohol.

Musical therapists help assess the alcoholic’s well being, social health, physical health and communication through musical responses. Treatments used can include improvising with musical instruments, listening to music that evokes emotional responses, discussing popular lyrics, song writing, visualizing pictures as music plays and other activities. Music therapy has been shown to help alcoholics distract themselves from the physical pain that comes from post-detox withdrawal.

Art therapy is also a high end treatment used in more pricey alcohol treatment programs that helps them to express the repressed emotions and memories that might be triggering the alcoholic to drink in the first place. An alternative art therapy program can help optimize the addict’s natural creative tendencies. Making art is a positive, life-affirming activity that can take the form of painting, drawing, sculpting and other modalities.

The peace and satisfaction that these artistic distractions offer go a long way towards inspiring the alcoholic as well as distracting them from any pain or temptation to drink. Creating art and listening to music also stimulates pleasure centers in the brain that help mitigate the brain damage done by alcohol abuse.

Many top of the line rehabs offer artistic alcohol treatment programs as part of their recovery process and the more you pay the more qualified the instructors will be and the more effective art and music therapies will be.