Alcoholism Intervention

One of the most persuasive means of dealing with a loved one who is afflicted with alcoholism is a loving intervention. Intervention programs are now one of the most popular first step methods of dealing with addiction.

If you have a loved one who is struggling with alcoholism, an intervention is something you should give careful consideration, as the benefits are many. An intervention can help you communicate honestly with your loved one, in a structured way. You’ll have the opportunity to let them know how you really feel, how their behavior is harming not only themselves, but everyone around them. Faced with this type of frank talk from their immediate families, denial of their problem becomes much more difficult.

There are basically two types of interventions. The most popular type is comprised of family and friends only, and follows an informal pattern. Each one takes a turn addressing how the alcoholic’s behavior has hurt or harmed them, at the same time making sure that the subject understands that they are loved and valued. Less frequently used, but equally effective, is a strategy that involves a team of experienced crisis counselors who will head up the intervention, though still allowing input from the family and friends.

When faced with a loved one who continually abuses alcohol, the time will come when decisions will have to be made. An intervention is an excellent place to start, and ideally will lead to long term rehabilitation.