Are You Desperate and Lacking Hope Because of Drug Addiction?

Let ABTTC Give You The Support You Need To Make That Fresh Start!

Christian drug rehab centers provide those people who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and who believe in God the relief they seek to overcome their addictions and begin their way on a new path toward recovery and redemption.  If you are determined to overcome your addiction but are struggling to stay on the right path, A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center (ABTTC) is a Christian drug rehab center that can help you to achieve your ultimate goal of overcoming your addiction, remaining clean, and living a productive life.

A Better Tomorrow Treatment Center (ABTTC) is a Christian drug rehab center that focuses on the healing power of Jesus Christ to help you overcome your addiction via a traditional 12-step treatment program.  This program will focus on Biblical principles that are Christ-centered in order to help you become free of your compulsion with and addiction to drugs.  This program will not only free you of your addiction to drugs, but will also allow your spirit to heal by focusing on your connection to Jesus Christ and his message of being healed by believing in Him and living by His teachings.

As a Christian drug rehab center, we offer the following services in our program:

  • Private, one-on-one, Christian therapy by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Group therapy that involves prayer, testimonies, and sharing
  • Groups that focus on the Biblical principles so that members can implement the steps needed to begin the healing process
  • Family and couples counseling by a Christian counselor

ABTTC is a Christian drug rehab center that has the resources and caring personnel needed to help you overcome your drug addiction and remain drug-free for the rest of your life.  Our intensive outpatient programs have surpassed the industry standards of addiction rehabilitation.  ABTTC is also accredited by the CARF (Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities), further validating our ability as a Christian drug rehab center that provides our patients with the care and attention they need to truly overcome their drug addictions and lead productive lives.

If you have a true desire to overcome your drug addiction, but are struggling to live up to that desire to end your drug addiction, let ABTTC, an accredited, established, and well-respected Christian drug rehab center give you the resources and support you need to truly turn away from drugs, restore your spiritual strength in Jesus Christ, and live the productive life you were meant to live.