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A Better Tomorrow, which opened two years ago in Murrieta, Calif., near San Diego, is drawing growing numbers of patients from Arizona

BUCKEYE, Ariz., October.  2006 – Ted Hamel can trace his 15-year addiction to drugs and alcohol all the way back to his sophomore year of high school.
But while he subsequently managed to complete school, get married, father two children and find work as an electrical contractor, his life became totally unmanageable last year and, fearing the breakup of his family, he finally sought help.

Hamel left Arizona to spend 28 days at A Better Tomorrow, a drug, alcohol and gambling treatment center in Murrieta, Calif., roughly an hour north of San Diego. It marked a turning point in his life.

The clinic not only gave him tools to control addictions, but information about some of the psychological factors that led him to pursue addictive behaviors in the first place.

“It was a good move, not only for him, but for our whole family,” said Hope Hamel, Ted’s wife. “They really made a big change in our lives.”
The Hamels’ story is not unique.

According to a recent national survey by USA Today, one in five Americans has a close family member who has suffered from addiction to drugs or alcohol. The greater Phoenix area, on the other hand, has a relative shortage of private clinics that specialize in drug and alcohol recovery.

The Hamels said they liked A Better Tomorrow because it provided drug and alcohol treatment in a tranquil, suburban setting. It was also far enough away from Arizona to ensure that Ted would stick to it and not feel the temptation to drive home on the rough days. “We were looking for a place far away because we wanted his focus on recovery to be a serious effort,” Hope Hamel said.

Jerrod Menz, A Better Tomorrow’s president, said A Better Tomorrow has treated more than 300 drug, alcohol and gambling addicts during the past two years. While the majority of the clinic’s patients are from Southern California, the clinic has also been drawing large numbers of patients from Arizona and Nevada, which lack comparable private facilities.

A Better Tomorrow provides treatment for individuals suffering from drug, alcohol and gambling addictions. The Murrieta-based clinic is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), placing it in the top 5 percent of drug and alcohol treatment clinics in California. For more information about A Better Tomorrow or to arrange interviews with professional staffers and consenting patients, please contact Jerrod Menz at (800) 757-9867. Additional information is available on the company’s websites at and