Christian Drug Rehab Center

Why a Christian Drug Rehab Center May be the Solution

A large number of Christian rehab drug houses have been established in the United States, in which there is usually a gentler and more explicitly supported environment.   allows for the gradual recovery of the individual. These may be further subdivided into those in which the Christian phase is an essential component of recovery, and others in which a religious involvement on the part of the resident is not compulsory. The gentler style of the latter form of Christian rehabilitation house may be particularly well-suited to the more vulnerable drug user or other psychiatric disorders.

A Christian drug center typically is an outpatient type of program, although some are very good inpatient drug treatment centers.  They usually offer the same types of programs as the traditional, non-religious drug rehabilitation centers. Some of the programs offered at Christian drug rehab centers may include:

  • Counseling – licensed therapists.  Can include individual counseling and/or group therapy
  • Church services and bible study as a group
  • 12 step program emphasized
  • Chores
  • Journals – Recording daily thoughts
  • Arts and Crafts –
  • Choice of activities such as nature walks, greenhouse gardening, exercise room
  • Evening quiet time – books from library, TV, sometimes Internet access

Some religious organizations have their own programs to help clients with drug problems.  Christian drug addiction treatment are sponsored by a variety of churches from Baptist, Catholic to Lutheran Family Services.  At Christian drug facilities can also be a coalition of local churches working together making their mission to help those in need of drug rehab.

Some Christian drug centers offer a healthy lunch and warm clothing in exchange for mandatory time spent in counseling.  Christian programs drug centers are often manned by volunteers, with some paid staff from church funds.  Church addiction centers are not allowed to receive state or federal funds, although many do manage to receive government funds by work-around in the vast system of bureaucracy.