Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Drug Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

If you go to a detox or rehab center and cocaine addiction is your problem then you might be prescribed any one of the following medications as drug treatment.

This drug treatment is an anticonvulsant which reduces the craving for cocaine. As most coke addicts do tend to reuse it also makes relapses severe. The fact that it makes relapses less severe makes some doctors reluctant to prescribe it as it could actually enable a severe addict to take even more coke then they normally would without suffering effects.
The drug treatment works by increasing the brain’s pleasure chemicals such as GAG. The main side effect is sedation.

This is an anti-elliptic drug which also reduces the cravings for coke. It works like GABITROL does to increase the amount of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain to create a feeling of calm. The main side effect is sleepiness and fatigue.
This drug treatment is not licensed in the United States but it is available for addiction withdrawal therapy in European and South American countries.

This drug treatment for addiction is a muscle relaxant that helps heavy, chronic users of the drug resist cravings. This is the result of GABA being reduced in the brain. Side effects include dowdiness, weakness, nausea, fatigue, headache and constipation.

This is an amino acid that helps curb cravings for cocaine. It reduces cocaine levers by restoring glutamate levels in the brain to normal This is an over-the-counter drug treatment for cocaine addiction that does not require a prescription.

When people quit cocaine they get very sleepy and have trouble getting out of bed. This drug treatment promotes night time sleep and decreases daytime drowsiness. It works by releasing dopamine in the brain.
Many of these drugs are effective in treating most cocaine addicts; be sure they are prescribed by a medical professional and that their use is monitored.