Cutting Down On Drinking Before Alcohol Treatment

Before you enter a detox or alcohol treatment program you might want to consider cutting back on your drinking before you get there. This is a good idea if you have booked a solid date and know when you are destined to arrive there.

Here are some tips for cutting down your drinking before you get into alcohol treatment:

Set a goal and stick to it. Choose a limit for how much you will drink a day. One drink a day is a good goal if you can manage it.

Any goal that reduces the amount you normally drink is also helpful. You can try subtracting one drink a day from what you normally drink in order to reduce the pain of withdrawal once you get detox at the alcohol treatment facility.

Do not keep alcohol in your home. Do not allow it in the door so you can avoid the temptation to drink.

Keep a journal describing how much you drink and when. You may be surprised at how effective keeping track of your drinking can be to discourage you from drinking too much.

If you must drink sip it slowly.  Pace yourself, be moderate and make one drink last as long as possible.

If you must drink, do not drink on an empty stomach as this can increase your cravings for alcohol later.

Take a break from alcohol for a day or two! If reducing your drinking daily is not working try adopting some drink-free days before you enter rehab. This can help you prepare for detox.

Although the temptation is to make the most of the days you have left before entering an alcohol rehab treatment by drinking as much alcohol as possible as this is not a recommended course of action. All you will do is make your detoxification process all the more difficult and possibly prolong your stay at the alcohol treatment center.