Denial and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment is available to so many but often it is sabotaged by the denial. Denial in alcohol addiction treatment can be simply defined as the individual’s unwillingness to admit they have the problem. Denial is part of the addiction cycle and can lead to a “rock bottom” situation that has them admit their life has gone out of control.

• The addict expresses denial in different ways –
• They blame others rather than accepting responsibility for their actions
• They act out in anger when their denial is challenged
• They avoid loved ones and hide their drinking from others

Many individuals use denial to stay out of alcohol addiction rehab treatment until their alcoholism takes them to jail, an institution or death. It may not happen overnight but usually alcoholism is a heartbreaking journey that causes the drunk to lose everything in their life that they hold dear.

Intervention is the main recourse of the family or friend of the addict that wants to end the denial and put them in an alcohol addiction treatment. In essence it is the tool that is used to terminate the addict’s denial.

The purpose of an intervention is not to gang up on the addict but rather to show him or her how the alcoholism is harming loved ones. The ultimate goal, of course, is to get him or her into an effective alcohol addiction treatment center.

Make sure that when you plan an intervention that you have an expert from a local alcohol addiction treatment center. It can help keep the intervention focused, organized and effective. If the addict does not accept help they you will prepare for ht next step which is to immediately stop enabling behaviors. This can be difficult to do as the addict does not always enter the alcohol addiction treatment center but instead opts to stay using. This can mean a separating from the alcoholic for some time but it might be necessary for the alcoholic to be cut off and on his or her own for a while before they go into alcohol addiction treatment willingly.