Detoxing at an Alcohol Rehab Center

If you are expecting to detox at an alcohol rehabilitation center you can expect to go through a variety of symptoms.  Some of them can be quite upsetting depending on the severity of your alcohol problem.

The severity of detox symptoms at an alcoholic rehab recovery program is divided into four different diagnostic categories: minor, major, rum fits and delirium tremens.

Minor Detox Symptoms

Most people detoxing at an alcohol rehab centre suffer from typical minor symptoms which include nausea, anxiety, vomiting and sleeplessness.  Hallucinations are also considered to be typical during withdrawal at an alcohol rehab center unless they last more than a day. These symptoms usually start about twenty-four hours after the person has last taken a drink.

Major Detox Symptoms

The person having major symptoms will have hallucinations lasting more than a couple of days as well as sweating, shaking of the body, muscle cramps and high blood pressure. These symptoms manifest ten to 72 hours after the person has last taken a drink.

Rum Fits

This is a term that experts at an alcohol rehab center use to describe the grand mal seizures that can come with severe alcohol withdrawal. Sixty percent of alcoholics detoxing at an alcohol rehab center can experience rum fits. Spasms, agitation, rapid heart beat, disorders of the senses and death are characteristic of a person going through “rum fits.”

Delirium tremens

Delirium tremens is the severest withdrawal symptom and includes nervous system agitation, rapid heartbeat and a total distortion of the senses. Many people going through this experience a complete upsetting dementia that divorces them from reality. Sometimes they experience heart attacks or liver failure while going through the detoxing process.

Detox and Death

Withdrawal at an alcohol rehab recovery center or in a detox treatment center can be a serious matter.  Many addicts risk death while withdrawing without knowing it. In fact many people suffering from delirium tremens die. In fact, if you are at the stage of alcoholism where you are suffering from delirium tremens then you have an increase of 35 percent mortality rate whether you are in an alcohol rehab center or not.