Do You Need Addiction Treatment for Crystal Meth?

If you are doing crystal meth at all then you need immediate addiction treatment for it. It is a drug with long-term psychological effects that need to be treated even if you have only done it a couple of times. These effects include paranoia, chronic fatigue, delusions, hallucinations and psychosis.

Aside from the psychological decay, the drug also causes blurred vision, rapid heart beat and the inability to sleep for days. Often the result of not getting addiction treatment for Crystal Meth is brain, liver and lung damage.

You need addiction treatment immediately if you are experiencing the suppressed appetite, tremors and convulsions associated with the use of this drug. These symptoms could be signifying the approach of strokes, heart failure or a coma.

One of the worst effects of crystal meth is that it affects a person’s judgment. The person often regresses and becomes infantile and selfish. Car crashes and other types of accidents are often common with crystal meth users because they have such poor judgment. Crystal meth users are also notoriously violent and erratic and thus more likely to be involved in a crime of some kind.

Crystal meth is usually smoked and the effects generally last from two to twenty hours depending on the person’s metabolism. It actually looks like ice and is snorted, smoked and injected. Nick names for it are ice, crystal, crank, glass, uppers, tweak, go-fast and black beauties.

Even though the effects of the drug only last a few hours for some people it can stay in your body for up to six days. It can show up in your hair in a hair sample for three months or longer after you have received addiction treatment and quit the drug. That is one factor that people who are facing a drug screening so they can get a job after their drug addiction treatment have to deal with.