Do You Need Addiction Treatment for Heroin?

If you are doing heroin, you need addiction treatment. This is a highly dangerous and addictive opiate that is used in a limited way by doctors. The addictive substance is morphine that comes from Asian poppies.

Heroin can be injected intravenously, snorted as a powder and smoked. It is called a lot of names including Smack, Horse and Junk but no matter what you want to call it you need addiction treatment for it if you are doing it at all.

Heroin is one of those insidious drugs that nobody wants to become addicted to but they do anyways. It usually stems from taking prescription painkillers for a medical problem and then having to seek it out on the street when the doctor will not prescribe it any more. It can also be a progression from doing other street clubs.
When heroin is done on a regular basis the body builds up a tolerance and craves more and more. If it does not get it then it will go into uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. You need addiction treatment for it if it is in your live because long term effects of using it include collapsed veins, liver failure, heart infections, pneumonia, abscess and the risk of getting AIDS or hepatitis from using needles.

You can’t beat heroin on your own. You absolutely need addiction treatment for this drug because the withdrawal symptoms include vomiting, insomnia, muscle pain, leg spasms, aching bones, cold sweats and goose bumps. The withdrawal is at its worst after two days but it can take over two weeks for the ordeal to be over.
Traditional heroin addiction treatment at a rehab often includes pharmaceuticals such as Methadone, LAAM and buprenophine to help the addict survive the addiction over the long haul.

If you are on this drug now, there is absolutely no question that you need addiction treatment for it. The long term effects of this drug on the body are a non-negotiable journey towards death.