Do You Need Long Term Alcohol Rehab?

Long term alcohol rehab requires a stay that is longer than the usual 28 to 30 days that is typical of most recovery programs. Long term alcoholic rehab can last six months or longer. In fact, many of these types of programs can take up to six months or a year or even longer. In essence, the aim of long term alcohol rehab is necessary if you really are having trouble reintegrating yourself into society or if you have seriously damaged your health with drinking.

Here are some indications that you may need long term alcohol rehabilitation¬† —

  • Your alcoholism is inherited from someone in your family and you really feel hardwired to drink or even may manifest symptoms that are very physical
  • You have a history of relapsing again and again after shorter term alcoholism rehab treatments and think it is time to have a longer stay.
  • You have multiple addictions that are compromising your recovery (such as also being addicted to crack cocaine or prescription pills like oxycontin) and need medical supervision
  • You have experienced problems with your liver or Vitamin B malabsorption and need help with your diet and medical supervision in order to get better
  • You have had too much of a problem adopting the lifestyle changes recommended in the past because you have never known anything but the alcoholic lifestyle and wish to change your habits for good
  • You need to take a good long break from a social scene or a family that also drinks and makes it too difficult for you to stay sober over the long term
  • You have a psychiatric problem like depression or manic depression that is complicating your recovery and you need more time to assess what is wrong or try out medication

The main drawback of long term alcohol rehab treatment is that it can take a long time for a person to recover and this can be very costly to the individual and his or her family. Still  alcohol addiction recovery rehab might be the only option for somebody who is really having trouble coping with quitting drinking for good.