Do You Need to Go to Drug Rehab

Are you having trouble deciding whether or not it is time for you to go to a drug rehab? There are several qualifying factors that might actually make it obvious that you do need help at this point; in fact one of the very qualifying factors is the fact that you are asking yourself that question at all.

If you answer yes to ANY of the questions below you recommended course of action is to book yourself into a rehab for counseling.

• Do you drugs to relieve feelings of stress when you are under pressure?
• Do you drink or use drugs heavily after a disappointment or rough day.
• Have you experienced memory blackouts during or after droning or using drugs?
• Do you regret things you have said or done while you were on drugs?
• Are you unable to keep promises about not using drugs?
• Do you use drink or drugs after an argument to bury uncomfortable feelings?
• Do you need to use a drug first thing in the morning to calm your nerves or get rid of a hangover.
• Do you designate a time of day every day when you have told yourself it is okay to be using drugs?
• Do you stay drunk or high from drugs for more than a few days at time?
• Do you avoid going places where drinking or drug use is not allowed.
• I feel irritable when other make comments on my alcohol or drug use.
• I feel a great deal of secret shame about my use of drugs.
• I use drugs to get energy or build up my self-confidence.
• I can’t get to sleep without the use of drugs.
• I use drugs when I am alone.
• I am losing my friends and family because of drug usage.

It only takes one yes to possibly qualify as addicted enough to have to go to drug rehab.