Does Percocet Addiction Need a Treatment Program

Percocet is the brand name of a controlled pain medication that is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen and and addiction must be addressed by a treatment program.

Percocet is highly addictive and it has a high potential for abuse. Physical addiction can occur in as little as a week of continuous use. Percocets might be perceived as legitimate by potential addicts because they are usually initially prescribed for real pain by a doctor.
The fact that it is so addictive is totally recognized by the DEA and repeat prescriptions are never allowed for this drug. It is only prescribed for severe pain in the short term.

Percoset addicts need a drug treatment program fast because they quickly develop a dependence that requires higher and higher doses or they become very sick. People will go to any lengths to get it and they can get it because the drug has what the National Drug Intelligence Center calls a high diversion rate. Diversion occurs when a drug leaves the legitimate chain of supply through doctor’s prescriptions and ends up being widely available to thousands of addicts on the streets. The results in 2006 were more than 11,000 deaths from Percocet and oxycontin (the same drug without the Tylenol) in 2006. Oddly the cause of the overdose is often the acetaminophen in the product causing fatal liver damage; the liver is unable to metabolize it and death occurs.

Many people become addicted to the drug accidentally but people who do inject able street drugs such as heroin or morphine also seek it out because it is similar to those drugs but in pill form.

The treatment program for Percocet addiction can differ from person to person but usually it begins with a full deter program followed by group therapy. It is essential to enter an addict into a treatment program before the worst-case scenario happens.