Help with Drug Addiction

People struggling with drug addiction may feel hopeless, alone, and embarrassed. They may feel as if their life is out of control and that there is no hope. However, there is hope. Here at A Better Tomorrow, we understand the nature of addiction and its causes. This understanding helps us to better help the drug addict.

Drug addiction is a very complex and confusing problem. Loved ones and the addict alike may wonder why the addict continues in this harmful cycle. There are two main causes for this behavior: physical pain and emotional pain. At A Better Tomorrow, we have trained professionals who are able to help the suffering addict with both.

Drug addiction is physical. The physical pain that the drug addict feels is a result of the drug’s effects on the brain and the rest of the body. A drug enters the body through the bloodstream and is transported to the brain. It then affects the balance of chemicals in the brain which cause the addict to feel pleasure. Over time, the addict builds a tolerance and needs more of the drug to feel normal. Without the drug, the brain produces barely any of these depleted chemicals. The rest of the body is also affected in much the same way. It relies upon the drug as a replacement for natural chemicals, and this reliance causes intense cravings and discomfort when the addict attempts to stop.

Drug addiction is emotional. Every addict has some kind of psychological pain, and their drug addiction helps them to cope. Some addicts are not even aware of this pain or that it is the root cause for their drug abuse. Sometimes past traumas can affect the drug addict subconsciously. Other addicts are suffering from mental disorders such as bipolar disorder. When the drug addict attempts to discontinue their drug abuse, depression occurs due to the brain’s natural pleasure inducing chemicals having been depleted. The addict must face this new pain in addition to the old pain.

Drug addiction may seem like an endless spiral downward, but there is hope for the drug addict at A Better Tomorrow. We address both of these aspects of drug addiction. At A Better Tomorrow, we work hard to provide the best care for our patients and to help prevent them from having relapses. Our staff has years of experience in helping drug addicts to achieve lasting recovery.