Drug Rehab Costs

Drug rehab costs will depend on the type of  service you are seeking and the level of therapy you will need. If you are looking at locally run facilities or state sponsored, the costs of addiction center can be quite reasonable. However, if you are looking at resort types of facilities, the drug facility costs can vary from expensive to reasonably priced.

Usually, you will end up deciding on a recovery center based on your particular needs, your budget or one that takes your personal health insurance.

Drug addiction program is probably something that you need more than anything in the world at the moment, but you must really want one it. People can often find creative ways of paying for things they really want. Some take out bank loans, while some put it on their credit card. Others may sell something of value such as jewelry. The important thing is to make the commitment and the rest will follow.

Insurance companies will usually pay for a couple of weeks and then insist that you continue treatment on an outpatient basis.  You will have to complete all of the financial arrangements with a drug rehab center before being admitted.  They generally will take cash, wire transfers, credit cards and a check.  The average cost can run between $1,500 to $30,000 if you are looking at inpatient drug treatment.

Whatever costs you will pay for rehab should cover room and board, individual therapy, group therapy, activities and education. Other services such as lab work might be a separate cost if they are located away from the drug property.

Many insurance companies do not cover the costs of drug centers.  Insurance companies have rationalized that drug abuse falls under the “pre-existing condition” category, although this may be changing in the future health care for everyone.

If you cannot afford it your condition is not too advanced, you can seek treatment through most state funded mental health programs on as outpatient basis.  The drug rehab center costs will depend on how much money you have.  It can be either:
1.Totally free
2. Sliding fee

The cost is by any standards, a bargain and investment in your future.  It is cheaper than jail, hiring attorneys, future healthcare issues and foster care for children and teens.  Drug facilities costs are minimal when compared to the benefits to safer neighborhoods, improved homes for children and an opportunity for the client to enjoy life to its fullest through recovery.