Drug Rehab Realities

It is one thing to watch a television show like Celebrity Rehab or Intervention and see the luxurious treatments that the celebrities receive while in recovery, however, would you or a loved one who needs treatment have the same sort of treatment once you booked in.

The truth is that every rehab facility is different with its own drug rehab addiction treatments and attitudes towards substance abuse. Furthermore, not every treatment center out there is going to treat the drug addict like royalty.

If you want to be treated like a celebrity then you need to go to the same sort of facility that a celebrity would attend like the A Better Tomorrow Drug Rehab Center in San Diego California. In this facility you can relax in a safe and relaxing environment in the San Diego with a view of the Ocean.

However, if you are like most folk, you are more likely to end up in a less costly private drug rehab or even a public treatment center of some kind. In this case you might find the surroundings to be a little less glamorous but that does not mean that the treatments are less effective. In fact, there are some drug addict experts that specialize in addiction treatment that believe that pampering only spoils the addict and that hard core drug rehab without any perks is what is ultimately going to spare a person from a relapse.

The bottom line is that it is not just about the surroundings although you might be less prone to depression after quitting alcohol if you are pampered in a five-star drug rehab. However the problem with this type of drug rehab is that it is so much like a vacation that the addict might think they are on vacation from drugs. The minute the drug addict returns from the drug rehab they simply go back to their old lifestyle and their old habits. The less expensive, humbler drug rehab that is focused more on getting clean, disciplined and focused on the problem might actually work better when it comes to adjusting someone’s harmful lifestyle habits once and for all.