Drug Rehabilitation for Addicts on ICE

“Ice” is one of the trendiest of club drugs and once you are hooked you need immediate drug  rehabilitation. ICE is one of the most addictive drugs that are in the nightclub cocktail of designer drugs.

ICE is not exactly a new drug. It has been around since the early 1990s when it used to be called “glass.” In fact, you might recognize it as meth. The only difference between ice and meth is that ice is a smoke able form of crystal and meth is the injectable form.

When absorbed through the lungs, the effects of meth are intense and include rapid heartbeat, a raise in blood pressure and a constriction of blood vessel. The thoughts start racing and anxiety is often the result. However, along with these effects is a rush of euphoria that is completely addictive. Sometimes the hit of one puff can last as long as sixteen hours.

ICE blocks appetite and fatigue and triggers feeling of well-being and arousal that made it a popular drug for dieters and club-goers. However people on it also need drug rehabilitation quickly because the drug gets people strung out fast. Damage to lungs and the liver is also likely.

The reason drug rehabilitation is mandatory is because users of ICE tend to be psychotic while on it and equally psychotic for days trying to come off it. The worst symptoms start about a week after halting use. However other symptoms can last for weeks or even months. This is why so many victims of ICE need an in-patient drug rehabilitation facility to completely recover from the side effects of using it.

Staff in drug rehabilitation often have their work cut out for them as often the withdrawing patients suffers from hallucinations, paranoia and irrational (even violent behavior.) Also part of drug rehabilitation for ICE often requires psychiatric drugs and treatment to keep the person from suffering too much during withdrawal.