Drug Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is one of the more complex addictions to treat at a rehab just because drugs of any kind seem to complicate the recovery of this type of hard core addict.
The best hope for the methamphetamine addict is to not be prescribed any type of drug at all. However if necessary the antidepressant Paxil may be prescribed under doctor’s supervision.
Studies done at the NIDA (The National Institute of Drug Abuse) have found that Paxil (also known as paroxetine) might help mitigate various methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms. Paxil contains the compound ondansetron that can block the effects of methamphetamine withdrawal.

Paxil, however, as many dangerous side-effects such as a mood swings, severe depression and a tendency to suicide so many doctors in drug treatment centers use this form of drug treatment for addiction with a great deal of caution.

Well butrin is also used to treat coke addicts that are suffering from depression as the result of withdrawal. It is also known as bupropron. This drug treatment appears to stabilize the brain and reduce the cravings to get high.

Another drug treatment that is being using experimentally in some rehab centers for addiction is Modafinil. This drug damages nerve endings in areas of the brain that have to do with reasoning and understanding the consequences of actions. This drug improves the cognitive function of the recovering addicts and also makes the patient less aggressive and more compliant and cooperative. This is still a drug in the experimental stages but it is quite effective.

Meth addicts are more prone to the HIV and AIDS infections than other types of addicts. This is because they are more likely to share needles. They also tend to be more careless in their behaviors than other addicts. As a result they often end up on all of the drugs that are used to treat HIV and AIDS infections including interferon.