Dual Diagnosis and Mania

Dual diagnosis is very much identified if the drinker or drug abuser seems to be using during fits of mania. This mania is likely associated with forms of bipolar disorder or manic-depression.

People with manic-depression or bipolar disorder may try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol because they cannot handle the severity of their symptoms. The drugs and alcohol may temporarily help the mood swings or depression but then it may wear off.

Symptoms of mania include –
• A surge of mental activity and energy
• Overconfidence to the point of recklessness
• Grandiose thoughts and an increased sense of self-importance
• Irritability and aggressive behavior
• Extreme optimism
• A decreased need for sleep without feeling tired
• Speedy thoughts and speech
• Poor judgment
• Irresponsible behavior such as spending sprees or promiscuity
• Delusional thinking
• Hallucinations

The issue is that drugs of all kinds, recreational and prescribed seem to allay these symptoms for some addicts but they develop tolerance to the medication. This then necessitates the stay in a rehab for medical treatment.

The kicker is that treatment often includes more designer drugs. The problem is that these drugs, when mixed with alcohol, cause even worse problems for the person afflicted with a manic or bipolar disorder.

Some of the medications prescribed for this disorder are quite complex but they work. Usually they come with side-effects such as dry mouth, constipation, weight gain and dizziness that eventually go away after a few weeks. The problem is that many people with a dual diagnosis issue will want to use to escape the dull feeling that often comes with some of these medications.

Thankfully there I s help and hope for people who have a dual diagnosis in the form of rehabilitation and treatment with sophisticated designer drugs that help to keep triggering mood swings under control.