Dual Diagnosis Treatment Can Help Treat Drug Addiction

While drug addiction is widely regarded as a disease, it is important for people to understand that in many cases, it is also a symptom of a deeper underlying problem. For many, substance use starts as a means of masking painful or bothersome psychiatric symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, or anger. If you started using substances to help control emotional or psychological symptoms, only to end up under the control of these substances, looking into a San Francisco dual diagnosis program is a very wise choice.

Dual diagnosis treatment is very helpful for a large number of people with substance abuse problems, because for a large percentage of these people, use and abuse of substances starts as a means of dealing with underlying psychological issues. This form of drug rehabilitation focuses on identifying hidden psychological conditions and working to diagnose and treat them, alleviating the symptoms that lead to drug use. By treating both the psychological conditions and the addiction, it can be much easier for patients to be able to live without the urge or desire to use substances. The key is in finding a dual diagnosis program that will work to meet your needs.

When you are looking for a San Francisco dual diagnosis program, it is important to seek out a treatment center that can provide long term care. Recovery from addiction does not happen overnight, and you need more than just detox or inpatient treatment. Sober living facilities and outpatient treatment are also important, as is ensuring that the treatment center offers qualified mental health professionals who are capable of diagnosing and treating the conditions that lead to drug use. By ensuring that your rehab facility can provide all of this, you greatly improve your chances of making a full recovery.

Once you have decided that dual diagnosis treatment is right for you, it is time to start seeking the right treatment center. A Better Tomorrow offers a wide range of therapies and services to help you and your loved ones get beyond the causes and effects of your addiction. When you are able to properly identify and treat mental health symptoms that lead to addiction and to help your loved ones understand the reasons for your use and to recover from its effects, you will find that it can be much easier for you to get started on the path to recovery so that you are no longer dependent on substances to help you make it through the day.