Facts About PCP Drug Addiction

PCP is one of the most dangerous concoctions when it comes to causing drug addiction just simply because it contains a mess of chemicals that make the user highly dependent. It also has a high potential to cause brain damage which makes the person addicted harder to deal with. Very few people with a PCB drug addiction have the common sense to go to a drug addiction rehab: many have multiple drug addiction problems and emotional problems that prevent them from even seeing their families at all.

PCP is one of the strongest of street drugs and it has a reputation as “a bummer drug.” It was originally developed in 1926 as a surgical anesthetic. In 1957 it was marketed as Sernyl. It was removed from the shelves in 1965 because the side effects included jumbled speech, delirium and hallucinations. Now it is marketed as Sernylan but only for veterinarian use.

PCP has been around as a street drug for years and it is particularly dangerous because it is also found in batches of marijuana, LSD and heroin. On the street it is known as “angel dust, hog, squeeze and THC.” When mixed with heroin and cocaine it is called” space base” and “wack.”

PCP is also very hard to recover from because it is a drug that is in a class all of its own. It is called a reliant or dissociative anesthetic. This means that it blocks all pain and causes psychological detachment.

Low doses cause impaired coordination but higher doses cause a blank stare, shuffling, fever, nausea, convulsions, coma and even death.
The problem with PCP is that PCP trips are often very frightening and can cause personality changes. Otherwise sane individuals become moody, delusional, and violent and aggression during PCB drug addiction.

There is absolutely no other way to get off PCB then to get the victim of drug addiction to a detox and rehab center fast, as time is of the essence. PCB drug addiction is an unpredictable and sudden killer!