The Facts about a San Jose Drug Rehab Center

You may have heard a lot of things about rehab from friends of friends, or worse yet from stereotypical images of pain and misery. The truth is that a San Jose drug rehab center in California is just a center of rest, rehabilitation and counseling. There is no standard as to what a rehab center is, particularly for private residential clinics.

Private residential clinics only offer rehab and counseling, and offer their services to patients that have already been medically detoxified of drugs or alcohol. Their services focus on teaching new strategies to resist temptation to use drugs again, and to cope with stress that formerly drove these people to drugs.

San Jose drug Rehab Center and Detox Clinics

On the other hand, a San Jose drug rehab center that is also a detox clinic can actually provide medical treatment under the supervision of a nurse or doctor. This type of center is for individuals who require immediate detoxification. Very often, quitting drugs immediately causes unstable side effects. A medical professional must be on hand to help individuals through these effects, perhaps even administering less powerful drugs (i.e. anesthesia) to mitigate the pain.

In any event, there is help for you in San Jose. A drug rehab center in California can provide physical and emotional treatment, helping people back to health. It’s important to note that no rehab center is exactly alike. Each medical facility or rehab center has its own approach to recovery. Some centers literally lavish their guests with luxury, offering emotional support and relaxation. Other centers are therapy-oriented and concentrate on cognitive therapy technique.

A San Jose drug rehab center in California can help you (or someone you know battling addiction) to survive the withdrawal phase and to adjust your thinking. Many people will claim that all it takes is willpower, the power of prayer, the love of family and so on. While these ideas are beneficial, and they do work, you must also be careful not to tax yourself beyond what is humanly possible. Physical addiction requires a physical treatment. You wouldn’t try to cure tuberculosis with positive thinking alone, would you? Some problems, including drug addiction, which is a physical disorder, can only be treated by a medical professional.

Do not be afraid to reach out to others and ask for help. In the end, this practical approach will save someone’s life! Contact a San Jose drug rehab center today for more information.