Finding a Sponsor in a 12 Step Alcohol Treatment Program

Many rehabs specializing in alcoholic recovery also offer a daily 12 step alcohol treatment program. In fact, the entire recovery progress in the rehab might be based on 12 step principles.

One of the keys to success if you are attending a 12 step alcohol treatment program is to find a sponsor. After you have been to a few meetings you might be assigned a temporary sponsor. This person can be a sounding board and help you understand how meetings are scheduled. They call and remind their spondees when it is time to go to a meeting and they can help you see if you are in denial about your problem.

After checking out a few meetings it is time to find a regular sponsor to help you learn the twelve steps. This sponsor is someone who is going to guide you through recovery and the 12 steps so you can achieve serenity. Thus it makes good sense while searching for a guide in this type of alcohol treatment program to choose someone who has achieved the serenity by practicing the principles and steps of AA.

Preferably you should find a sponsor who has had at least five years of recovery. That is how long it takes for a person to gain perspective about the steps and also apply them to their own specific alcohol rehab program. The sponsor should be of the same sex as you and there should be no attraction or romantic feelings.

Once you have a sponsor you can expect to meet the person once a week and then have a bit of a discussion about how the week has been. Sometimes the sponsor will suggest a course of reading or activities to do to help you navigate through the sometimes complex job of participating in a 12 step alcohol treatment program.