Finding An Integrated Alcohol Treatment Center

An integrated treatment alcohol rehab center is one that can treat both psychiatric disorders and alcohol addiction at the same time. The staff at the treatment center should be appropriately licensed to make sure that the care there is backed by the best medical research.  This is because people who suffer from bipolar illnesses, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, depression and schizophrenia have their own unique set of requirements.

The best programs of this nature will also have the following –

The capability to address both the substance abuse problem and the mental problem with counseling and appropriate medications

The willingness to involve you in the alcohol treatment center recovery process by letting you in the loop when it comes to disclosing how the addict is doing

Experts who will actively involve you in strategies for helping the alcoholic recover

Counselors that provide both you and the alcoholic with education about your disorder

A great follow-up program that monitors the progress of the alcoholic after discharge

You are given advice on how to cope with the person in your life with the dual diagnosis disorder so that the alcoholism does not control the happiness of you and your family

Will help supply supported employment and other services to help with the process of recovery

Will provide special counseling or referrals to counseling designed to help you deal with the outfall the behavior may have had on your family

Research will lead you to the right integrated alcohol treatment center and be sure to inquire carefully of what the program actually can take care of because an alcohol treatment center that has protocols for treating anxiety and depression may not have the staff or qualifications to treat an alcoholic problem that is concurrent with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.