If You Need Help, Contact a Denver Alcohol Treatment Center

If you have a problem with drinking, then contacting a Denver alcohol treatment center may be a life-saving action. Alcoholism is classified as a disease, just as alcohol, is classified as a drug with the capacity for harm like any other. The abuse of alcohol can lead to some very painful and life-threatening side effects like liver failure, heart disease, epilepsy, central nervous system damage, polyneuropathy and various nutritional deficiencies.

A Denver alcohol treatment center may be the only option for people who have become addicted to the substance. It’s ironic that so many young people today associate the overdrinking of alcohol with sex and partying. In reality, alcohol depresses sexual desire and can lead to chronic sexual dysfunction over time. You also have to consider how alcohol abuse affects other people besides just the drinker. Drunk driving leads to the death of thousands of people each year in just the United States alone.

Seeking Help From a Denver Alcohol Treatment Center May be the Only Option Left

If you have unsuccessfully tried to quit before. Remember, there are also documented psychiatric and social effects that come from the overconsumption of alcohol. Relationships can be destroyed and addicts are more likely to engage in criminal offenses. This sickness can also lead to financial problems, the loss of a job, social disorder and civil penalties.

A Denver alcohol treatment center in Colorado can help people of all ages and of both genders recover. While alcoholism is usually thought of as a man’s problem, just as many women are becoming addicted to alcohol. According to research published in the Journal of Women’s Health (1998), women have an increased risk of developing long-term complications of alcohol dependency, and also have a higher mortality rate from alcoholism. Overdrinking can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer and the damage of reproductive functioning in women.

Of course, most alcoholics cannot change just by willpower alone. Usually, professional help from a Denver alcohol treatment center in Colorado is recommended. It’s not just a matter of an alcoholic declaring total abstinence from drinking, and then recovering. A complete detoxification process is required, as is a rehabilitation program that addresses where the desire to drink comes from.

Some people drink because of stress, while others drink due to social anxiety. Perhaps you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol addiction. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all a matter of willpower. There is no shame in reaching out to others for help, and statistically speaking, detox and rehab treatment is much more effective than fighting this battle alone. Contact a Denver alcohol treatment center in Colorado and make sure professional help is on your side.