Honesty as Part of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

A huge part of alcohol addiction treatments to be honest with yourself and others. To maintain an addiction you usually have to lie about it. You end up hiding money, bottles of alcohol, loans to buy booze, friends who drink with you and everything else so you can continue with the addiction

However once you get into alcohol addiction treatment the lying has to stop. That is because you will be taking your self-inventory and doing everything that you need to escape the cycle of denial and delusions that accompanies the abuse of alcohol.

Honesty is also part of alcohol addiction treatment because the more you lie the more you dislike yourself. The result is more lying, hiding and secretive behaviors so others don’t see how despicable you are. Nobody has a lower opinion of the alcoholic than the alcoholic himself.  The point of alcohol addiction treatment is being honest with yourself so you can create a new life where it is easier not to use.

One thing that is typical of people experiencing alcohol addiction treatment is that they think that they should be honest about what they think is wrong with other people. The key is to be honest and accountable for your mistakes and stop blaming your addiction on others. Focusing on what is wrong with others helps you deflect attention from yourself and your alcoholism.

Most alcoholics are so secretive that they have a really hard time learning how to be honest and resort to being “honest about their dishonesty.” Untangling themselves from the lies they tell themselves and others can be really challenging for an alcoholic. Many people who have been in an alcohol addiction center lie to others because they do not want it to sully their reputation. Still, somehow the truth always comes to light so be honest about your problem if asked about it.

The bottom line is that when you attend an addiction treatment rehab center you cannot pretend to recover as that counts as a lie against yourself.