How to Be Referred to Alcohol Rehab

The statistics are that about four million Americans are addicted to alcohol and that is why they are destined for alcohol addiction rehab. This is a dependence that is costing the Unites States over $200 billion a year. Alcohol related cancers and obesity are also a big expensive burden on the health system. However, there is no cost that can be put on the pain suffered by the friends and family of alcoholics.

If you know that you have a problem then there are ways that you can be referred to an alcohol rehab treatment center.

A Doctor’s Referral

Family doctors are more than familiar with the effects of alcoholism on patients and have many resources available to help you find the alcohol rehab facility that is right for you. Many people are also more comfortable discussing their problem with someone who knows them. Often your doctor can refer you to an addictions counselor or psychologist who can help you determine the type of treatment and the kind of alcohol rehab that will be the best for you.

Detox Centers

Once you receive an expert evaluation from an addictions counselor or psychologist you may be referred to a detox center. It is very unusual for any alcoholic to be sent directly to a rehabilitation for alcohol abuse program without being put through a purposeful withdrawal first.

These detox places allow you to withdraw from alcohol under medical supervision. Withdrawal from alcohol can be life threatening with irritability, headache, insomnia, nausea, hand tremors, vomiting, high blood reassure, fast heart beat and fever. Severely addicted individuals will also suffer from hallucinations and seizures. At an alcohol detox center qualified counselors and doctors offer emotional support and medical support for the withdrawing patient as needed.


Once the body is detoxified, a process that can take one to five days, the alcoholic is sent to an alcohol rehab facility. The type of alcohol rehab that you are sent to might depend on whether or not you have other health conditions, how addicted you, if you have multiple addictions and what you can afford.

Choosing the right program at an alcohol rehab can be daunting but as long as the program is accredited, licensed and can provide you with success rates the alcoholic should have a good chance at avoiding a relapse.