How to Evaluate Alcohol Rehab Centers

Getting care from the best rehab center that you can afford is essential if you are going to successfully withdraw from your alcohol addiction. That is why evaluating alcohol rehab centers is absolutely crucial to your recovery;  alcohol rehab facilities without a good track record can cause the addict to have a relapse.

Calling Rehab Centers

Make a bucket list of all of the rehabilitation centers that are an option for you and call each and every one of them. Do not just pick one and decide to attend no matter how desperate or fatigued you may feel as the result of being at the mercy of your addiction.

While calling addiction rehab centers ask if you will be able to tour the place and whether or not you will be able to sit down and meet with an addictions counselor, therapist or psychologist.  Ask whether or not they have an online resource such as a website or brochure that can help you make a good decision.

Touring Rehab Centers

Before touring a rehab center prepare a list of questions for your guide or for asking during appointments with staff or doctors. When you arrive at addiction rehab centers ask for everything on paper that they have in terms of information so you can take it home and make a well informed decision later.

While touring the facilities of an alcohol rehabilitation centers ask to see the inpatient facilities, the group meeting rooms, the bedrooms, the kitchn, the bathrooms.

It is also important to ask about the ratio of one on one counseling to group therapy. The very best alcohol rehab centers will give equal time to both.