How to Find the Best Drug Rehab

What is the best drug rehab program?  It is one that is successful. Do residential center work? Looking at some of the best drug tab centers in America such as Betty Ford and Promises Malibu suggest that about 60 to 65% of patients remain drug and alcohol free for at least one year after receiving treatment in a residential drug center.  These programs offer a concentrated treatment which increases the chance of success.

Though most residential programs are based on the principles of alcohol anonymous, many psychiatrists recommend that the patient go public by allowing the general public to know they have a problem and are getting treatment.

The earliest and best drug rehab programs dealt mostly with alcoholism. Then came the cocaine binge of the 1980s, which increased a demand for more diversified treatment.  Some of the so-called best drug treatments are to be found in the state of California. People from all over the country come to California to try out these facilities centers.

With the passage of proposition 36 in 2001, which allows first and second time nonviolent drug offenders to the receive substance abuse treatment instead of jail- time; the number of drug addicts will only grow.

There are some of the so called best drug centers that have gourmet chefs, personal trainers, even chaperones to watch over celebrities as they finished their movie or album. There are facilities with ocean views, wood-burning fireplaces, and designer linens. Some programs allow patients to play with horses; others create a boot camp atmosphere with no phone calls and plenty of toilet scrubbing. Some drugs are so expensive that only the rich and famous can afford; others focus almost exclusively on the down and out.

In the Hollywood of old, long before the Betty Ford Center, facilities devoted to treating chemical dependency didn’t exist. Celebrity addiction was downplayed; the press ignored the problem, and doctors often misdiagnosed it. Today when celebrities attempt to blame their breakdown on exhaustion or dehydration, they just entice reporters who want to know not only their drug of choice but who dropped them off on the drug center front steps. They want to know how they look without makeup and what they shared in therapy.  For these reasons, many stars have been allowed to use the addiction rehab drug as a home base at night while easing back into society during the day.

The best drug treatment centers charge between $4000-$30,000 for a 30 day stay per month. Typical programs require at least a stay of 30 days. You pack your bags, check in, get a roommate, and then — time served — reenter society detoxed, group therapy and armed with a plan to stay clean.

Many of the best drug centers have the attitude that if you have the money, they have the time. For $35,000 a month, clients can kick back on chic furniture, take nature walks, and eat gourmet meals in rooms with fireplaces and balconies. There are a lot of people who want to go to treatment but want to go to a fancy place, and they wouldn’t come into a place that didn’t look like it was a resort or an island.  These types of so called best drug rehab centers cater to the rich and the famous clients and offer top drawer amenities.