How to Get the Most Out of Your 12 Step Alcohol Treatment Program

If you want to get the out of your alcohol treatment program then you want to make sure you attend the 12 Step meetings that are offered. Regular attendance at these meeting optimizes your chances for rectory as does a willingly to participate and tell your own story.

There are two types of 12 step meetings. There are open meetings and closed meetings. In open meetings, also known as speaker meetings, someone tells the story of their addiction and recovery. You sit back and listen and not expected to respond. In closed, discussion meetings you have the opportunity to talk about your recovery with the alcoholic treatment program.

In order for this to work all you really have to do is show up. Be sure to join a group and attend it on a regular basis. Try to make it to one meeting at least once a week if you are not in the alcohol treatment rehab.  Inside an alcohol rehab treatment program you might be required to attend a meeting every day, maybe even two times a week.

Once out of alcohol rehab it is a good idea to schedule your meetings around those times that you might be tempted to use. If you think you deserve a drink every Friday at six o’clock as a reward for a hard week’s work then that is the time you should try to find a local meeting.

While in a 12-Step program it is important to find a sponsor who acts as a teacher to guide you through recovery and how the 12-steps work to keep you from using alcohol.

The good news is that many people who do attend meetings after they are done their alcohol treatment program tend to stay sober for five years. Once you are sober for that long studies have shown that you have much less of a tendency to lose your sobriety.