How to Prevent Relapse After Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The hardest part of recovery is not attending alcohol rehab. The hardest part is staying sober after you leave drug and alcohol rehab. Here are some top strategies for avoiding relapse once you leave an alcohol rehab program.

Avoid socializing with drinkers. This includes old buddies that may be still indulging in behaviors you have gone through so much to give up.

Avoid listening to music or watching movies that might act as triggers to have you indulge in our addiction.

Use visualization in order to prevent yourself from using by picturing the consequences of what would happen if you did drink.

Give yourself an emotional reward of some kind each time you do overcome a temptation to drink.

Meditate every day to rid yourself of the anxiety and stress that most addicts experience after drug and alcohol rehab centers to stay mentally and spiritually strong enough to resist temptation

Be as physically active as possible in order to work off any stress and rebuild the body that is often so weakened by the stress of drinking or doing drugs. The stronger your body is the stronger your resolve will be not to drugs.

Stay away from negative people who criticize you or who are toxic to you in some way and who may trigger your desire to drink.

Stay out of bars and away from events where you know you might be tempted to drink a lot of booze.

Find a hobby that you really like and indulge in it with your entire heart to keep your focus off of drinking or doing drugs.

Attend twelve-step meetings as often as possible to prevent yourself from being led away from your spiritual path

Phone or meet with your sponsor often and especially do not be afraid to contact your twelve step sponsor if you feel you are in immediate danger of using

If you are unable to control your impulses then resort to prayer or meditation in an effort to contact your higher power. Ask for divine guidance and help, as instructed by Narc-A-Non or Alcoholics Anonymous in order to overcome your problem.

Finally, if you do slip up after your alcohol rehab treatment do not take this as a cue that you should go ahead and continue to relapse until you are addicted again. Recovery is a difficult thing and too much self-blame and guilt will only worsen your chances of overcoming your drinking or drug habit for good.