How to Survive Post-Acute Alcohol Detox

After an alcoholic goes through an alcohol detox rehab, he or she often goes through a phase called the post acute withdrawal. This is a stage of recovery that includes mood swings, irritability and emotional conflicts as the person faces the damage that drinking has done to his or her life. On average this phase of recovery after alcohol detox takes about two years to completely pass.

It is a mistake to try and hurry this post alcohol detox recovery phase as you will become exhausted and frustrated. It is key not to use the mood swings as an excuse to drink.

The way to look at these psychological and emotional withdrawal symptoms is that they are a sign that your brain is recovering. Every period of irritability or upsetting emotion that you face is probably the result of your brain chemistry returning to normal.

This is why in alcohol detox recovery they tell you to go “one day at a time.” Those who have been in recovery know that you are going to have both good and bad days. The good days will have you feeling proud of our sobriety and enthusiastic about your newly chosen life has to offer. The bad days may have you feeling inappropriate guilt, shame and feeling lousy physically at well.

On the bad days that follow alcohol detox make sure you do not try to do too much. Take care of yourself and your immediate needs as these are the days when you might feel so uncomfortable or upset that you might be tempted to use again.

You might sleep badly and be in a bad mood.  If this happens then deliberately relaxing or practicing some form of meditation can help you get through this rough patch.  Do not give in to a temptation to relapse post alcohol detox or you will undo the small gains your brain has made during the past weeks when you were sober.