Inpatient Christian Alcohol Rehab

The major difference between a Christian alcohol rehab program and a regular inpatient rehab program is that Christian morals and teaching are integrated with the recovery. Excessive and abusive drinking is discussed in terms of being a moral issue.  Often workshops, lectures and counseling are blended together to encourage alcoholics to put the fate of their addiction into the hands of God.

Inside a Christian Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility

If you go into inpatient care life at the alcohol rehab will consist of a great deal of prayer.  Patients will undergo medical supervision and cognitive therapies but at the same time their efforts will be supported with Biblical scripture and teachings.

Like other types of programs Christian alcohol rehab centers begins with a detox in which the body rids itself o poisons and withdrawal symptoms are addressed with care and also prayer.

After the Christian alcohol rehab patient has recovered the goal of counselors is to help the patient surrender the drinking problem to God. The theory is that if the person can give up all of his or her pain, suffering and disappointment to God that he or she will be given the strength to drop the addiction and start again.  There is also a big emphasis on becoming humble and taking steps to have a more intimate and formal relationship with God and the principles of Christianity. There is also a great deal of encouragement to attend Twelve-Step recovery meetings both inside and outside of the Christian alcohol rehab.

Results of Christian Alcohol Treatment

One of the results of drinking can be poor health, poor mental health, legal and money problems and unemployment.  Christian rehab programs try to assist the individual with these problems as well as encourage the person to look in the Bible to find advice about how to solve overwhelming set o problems.

The ultimate goal, and often the result, of Christian Alcohol treatment is for the drinker to become “born again” and thus through that process find the strength to quit drinking for good. This is made possibly because once the alcoholic deepens his or her spiritual relationship with God they lose the guilt or shame that made them imbibe in the first place!