Intervention Programs

A drug rehab intervention has become a popular conversation topic of late due to several television shows that dramatize the process. An intervention is basically when a drug addict is confronted by friends and family in an effort to help the addict come to terms with their addiction. Because of the personal nature of an intervention, this technique is often only used as a last-resort when an addict is at serious risk of compromising their health and they refuse to go to a drug rehab facility on their own.

What is drug rehab intervention? For many addicts, it’s the first and hardest step on the long road to recovery. In a drug rehab intervention, a substance abuser is confronted with their problem. Often the intervention process is designed to by sympathetic and supportive, but in serious cases an intervention may seem more like a confrontation. Often an intervention becomes necessary when a substance abuser is too embarrassed or confused to seek help on their own, or even to admit that they need it.

The way a drug rehab intervention works is that those close to the addict plan a meeting where they effectively corner the addict and force them to hear everyone’s concerns. Because there is often a level of deceit involved, most addicts resent being put into this situation. This is why the first stage of an intervention requires that the addict become aware of how much everyone there cares for them.

As the drug rehab intervention progresses, certain consequences are laid out that explain what will happen if the addict continues to abuse drugs. Often, the addict must confront the possibility of losing the financial and emotional support of their loved ones if they continue down the path of drug abuse. If an addict decides to follow the advice of those organizing the intervention, the next step is that they immediately enter some form of rehab program.

Drug rehab intervention is more effective with professionals because they can not only help a potential patient to see that they have a problem, but they can immediately provide information on the best solution to that problem. After a successful drug rehab intervention, new patients can proceed directly to a rehab facility to start receiving vital treatment.
Drug rehab intervention is a last-ditch effort that forces an addict to choose between drug addiction or losing the support of their family and friends. Such confrontations are often effective at getting an addict the help they need, if all other efforts to do so have failed.