Intervention Steps and Alcohol Treatment

There comes a time when an addicted loved one may need professional alcohol treatment in an alcohol addiction rehab center. If this is the case then you need to take the following steps towards an intervention.  This is where a group of family members and friends get together to convince the addict to get alcohol treatment.  This is “tough love” that often feels humiliating to the addict but it serves to break him or her out of denial and into a program of recovery.

Step 1 – Have the alcohol treatment program lined up and ready to accept the alcoholic to the program immediately after the intervention.

Step 2 – Have a plan to confront the alcoholic that includes an alcohol treatment interventions pecialist who can help plan, facilitate and moderate the confrontation.

Step 3 – Plan what you will do if the person confronted does not agree to go into alcohol rehab treatment. Make an agreement with all concerned that you will all make a joint effort to stop enabling behaviors and that as a group will inform the addict that you are not prepared to continue to enable the addiction through financial support or a living situation.

Unfortunately many addicts do not immediately accept the help.  You will likely be berated and abused and told to mind your own business or stop nagging and meddling. You must remind the addict that you are cutting him or her off because you do love him or her. This can be difficult to do as the addict will say anything to keep you supporting the addiction and will likely threaten to cut you off emotionally if you keep insisting they get alcohol treatment. However your best course of action is to provide no place to stay, not money and no emotional encouragement until the alcoholic wakes up and realizes that they need to go to a deter and then a rehab for alcohol treatment.